Removing your permanent Tattoo -Easy and Safe Way.

Do you have a tattoo that you don’t really like? Do you wish you had never gotten the tattoo? Do not worry! Laser tattoo removal is a harmless and effective procedure through which it is possible to remove any tattoos permanently.

What are the reasons for tattoo removal?

Nearly 25% of all those who decide to get a permanent tattoo is not happy with it when asked later. They regret their decision, sometimes made in the heat of the moment.  There are various other reasons to regret such a decision, such as:

·         Embarrassment: Visible tattoo, especially those that are a reminder of the past can become embarrassing with the changing environment of a person.

·         Change in taste: A lot of people, unfortunately, get tattoos done at a young age, usually in high school or college days. Most people assume that their tastes will not continue to mature with them, which is often the case.

·         Difficulty in buying suitable clothes: Visible tattoos can a pain to hide, but often it is necessary to do so. Finding a job can become a difficult task, as many employers are concerned about tattoos, especially visible ones.

·         Reminders of the past: Some people are left with the name of a loved one on their skin, after breaking up or getting a divorce. Such a tattoo can be a painful reminder.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, laser tattoo removal might just be for you and we at Elan Skin Care Clinic are here to help you with that!

What is the procedure?

At Elan Skin Care Clinic, laser tattoo removal is a safe procedure with negligible side effects and almost no risk of scarring. It is the latest technology by which the pigmented ink on the skin is superheated by the help of a laser. This causes the ink to break down and absorb in the bloodstream. The immune system then fights off these smaller pieces and removes the ink partially or entirely. A couple of sessions are needed for a complete procedure. The number of sessions depends on the age of the tattoo, the colour of the ink, and the type of pigment in the ink. Usually, darker inks are easier to remove, while lighter inks such as fluorescents, greens, and yellows are harder to remove.

At Elan Skin Care Clinic, we use US FDA approved SPECTRA XT tattoo removal device. Spectra XT is considered to be the most modern, most effective and uses laser energy to significantly lighten or completely remove your tattoo. It is the latest technology which enables you to get your tattoo removed efficiently with the least inconvenience or pain.


What are the precautions to take before the procedure?

Before a tattoo removal procedure, it is essential to protect the skin around the tattoo from the sun, or in other words, to avoid tanning. Some precautions you can take to keep the area as shaded are:

·         Using an SPF 50+ sunscreen, even if staying indoors. It is also helpful to reapply periodically.

·         Staying indoors during peak hours when the sun is overhead (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

·         Wearing clothing such as hats and long-sleeved shirts

·         Staying in shaded areas

·         To find more about laser tattoo removal, please consult us at Elan Skin Care Clinic,

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